OFS3HLC (Ontario Family Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities Leadership Council)

Family Studies in Elementary Schools in Ontario

By Laura Featherstone, OCT, P.H.Ec

For Immediate Release

TORONTO, ON - Our children spend six hours per day, five days per week, forty weeks per year, fourteen years (including junior and senior kindergarten) in total in our elementary and secondary school system. In that time teachers have a lot of curriculum to cover. One area that is not included in the curriculum in the elementary panel is Family Studies(formerly home economics).

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OFS3HLC (Ontario Family Studies, Social sciences and Humanities Leadership Council)

Teaching Financial Literacy in Secondary Schools

 By: Laura Featherstone, OCT, P.H.Ec


For Immediate Release

TORONTO, ON- Is it too easy for secondary and post secondary students to acquire debt?  The concern is that it is difficult to pay off debt in a reasonable time, with minimal penalty.

In 2011, the Vanier Institute of the Family reported that ‘average Canadian family debt has now hit $100,000. Not only that, the debt-to-income ratio, which measures household debt against income, stands at a record 150%, meaning that for every thousand dollars in after-tax income, Canadian families owe one thousand five hundred dollars.’ In 2010, more Canadian families fell behind on mortgage payments, while credit card delinquency and bankruptcy rates rose. In April 2011, a Stats Canada survey showed that almost one-third of retired Canadians are in debt. 

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The Ontario Family Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities Leadership Council (OFS3HLC) partnered with The Critical Thinking Consortium (TC2) to develop this teaching resource, which supports teachers and students as they think critically about the geographical origins of our food. This on-line resource focuses specifically on the health, economic and environmental benefits of eating locally grown foods. 100milediet_2

Created by the Ontario Family Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities Leadership Council in partnership with Sky Works Charitable Foundation

Designed for use in four Family Studies courses:

  • HPC30 Parenting
  • HPW3C Living and Working with Children
  • HHG4M Issues in Human Growth and Development
  • HHS4M Individuals and Families in a Diverse Society

Download the preview teaching guide kids__care_preview

For more information on ordering: final_kids_care_flyer_fs_teachers_31_10_08

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Interested in Promoting Family Studies Programs in your school??

The following Power Point presentation was created for use in schools in Ontario interested in promoting their programs.  Once downloaded space has been provided for teachers to insert photos of students in within their own school/classes. 


Posters have also been created and are available for downloading in the Resources/Classroom Posters section of this website.  


Grade 12 Subject Specific Workshops

Click here to download the Power Point presentation and accompanying workshop materials. These files are large and may take a long time to download depending on the speed of your internet connection. If you are having trouble contact Dionne Maxwell.