The following curriculum maps contains a unit plan that was created at the OFSHEEA/ OFS3HLC Summer Workshops 2013 in London/Ottawa/Toronto for the Ministry of Education .  The workshops brought together educators across the province to network with one another and share ideas and resources about the newly revised Social Sciences and Humanities curriculum.  The time spent working on the unit was very brief and the lessons within the unit plan are just one group’s interpretation of the curriculum expectations.  The curriculum map and unit plan are not prescribed.  The unit plan is not complete but serves only as a starting point.  You are encouraged to network with colleagues to continue to build and enrich the curriculum map for your classes.

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 Food and Nutrition HFN1O/2O - Units 1,2,4 Curriculum Map

 Food and Culture Unit 2 Curriculum Map HFC3E

 Food and Culture Unit 3 Curriculum Map HFC3MU

 Food and Culture Unit 2 Alternate Curriculum Map HFC3M Alternate Unit 2

 Nutrition and Health  HFA4C 


 Nutrition and Health HFA4U - Units 1, 2 and 3

 Food and Healthy Living Course Overview HFL4E

 Exploring Family Studies Curriculum Map HIF1O/2O Units 2 and 3

 Dynamics of Human Relationships Curriculum Map HHD3O

 Human Development Throughout the Lifespan Curriculum Map HHG4M - Unit 1

 Families in Canada Course Overview HHS4C

 Families in Canada Curriculum Map HHS4U Unit 1 and 2

 Personal Life Management Curriculum Map HIP4O Units 1 and 3

 Clothing HNL2O Unit 3 and 4

 Understanding Fashion Curriculum Map HNC3C  Unit 1 and 4

 The World of Fashion Curriculum Map HNB4M Unit 3 and 4

 Housing and Home Design Curriculum Map HLS3O Unit 1

 Raising Healthy Children Curriculum Map HPC3O  Unit 4

 Working with Infants and Young Children Curriculum Map HPW3C Unit 1 and 3

 Working with School Age Children and Adolescents Curriculum Map HPD4C Unit 1 and 4


 Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology Curriculum Map HSP3C  Unit 2

 Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology Curriculum Map HSP3U Unit 3

 Challenge and Change in Society Curriculum Map HSB4U Units 1, 2 and 3