Who Can Join?

Membership in OFS3HLC is open to:

  • School Board staff/Subject Associations with jurisdictional responsibilities for Family Studies/Social Science or designate (if your school  board is a member, you are a member)
  • Ministry of Education personnel for Family Studies and related areas
  • Faculty of Education personnel responsible for Family Studies education and related areas
  • President of Ontario Family Studies Home Economics Educators' Association and the Ontario Home Economics Association
  • University/Community College faculty responsible for the study of the family
  • Providers of learning resources for Family Studies Programs (non-voting)
  • Retired Ontario Family Studies Leadership Council members (non-voting)

Why Join?

Membership in OFS3HLC provides you and your colleagues with:

  • Up-to-date information from the Ministry of Education on policies and curricula
  • Access to new resources to support programs
  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills
  • A forum to discuss provincial-wide issues and concerns related to Family Studies/Social Science

How to Join:

An invitation to join is issued each August to the Director of Boards of Education. As well, a membership form is included on this web site.