Resources 2000 - 2012


The resources in this section are from 2000 - 2012.

The following pages will provide teachers with classroom resources and materials. If you have any comments, suggestions or problems downloading please contact Dionne Maxwell. Many of these files are quite large and may take significant time to download.

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Financial Literacy Documents

OFS3HLC and OFSHEEA Financial Literacy Project

The following links will lead you to lesson plans and supporting documents to teach financial literacy for Family Studies and Social Science courses from grades 9 - 12. You will notice that each course approaches financial literacy from a different angle. All lessons offer both DI and MI strategies and follow Assessment As, For and Of, learning practices. We hope that you enjoy the lessons. Click on this link to directly take you to the website, or the individual links for the courses can be seen by clicking READ MORE. The financial literacy documents can also be found under the Resources section of the OFS3HLC website. 

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