Safety Considerations for Fashion and Food


The fashion and food documents are a 'guideline' for Family Studies teachers in developing and operating a program that will prevent and control incidents. Such a program will protect students and increase the effectiveness of instructional methods and facilities. Both documents do not supersede national or provincial legislation and procedures.


Pressing is an essential part of any home sewing project. Good pressing techniques help to create a professional-looking garment. Correct pressing helps to shape the fabric to your figure, flatten seams and edges, and save you time.


Make Your Own Pressing Equipment
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Pressing equipment is an important part in shaping your garment during construction. Instead of purchasing, you have the option of making some of your tools. Follow these guidelines for the do-it-yourselfer.


Adjusting Sewing Machine Tension
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Learning to control and adjust your sewing machine tension will empower you to sew creatively. Before making any adjustments to the tension on your sewing machine, be sure that the machine is properly threaded. The thread in machine must feed through three main points on the sewing machine; the tension disks, the take-up, and the needle. The bobbin must also be threaded properly to enable the machine to form a good stitch. Bobbins have their own mechanism for controlling tension on the thread. Follow your sewing machine instructions book for proper threading.

License to Drive - Sewing
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Use a sewing machine to stitch simple patterns on a paper template.