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The Ontario Family Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities Leadership Council is composed of representatives of boards of education throughout the province of Ontario.

Our purpose is to:

OFS3HLC (Ontario Family Studies, Social Sciences and Humanities Leadership Council) has worked with the Ontario Home Economics Association (OHEA) and the Ontario Family Studies Home Economics Educators Association (OFSHEEA) to develop and refine the new Ontario curriculum for Social Sciences and Humanities. Its' members have been instrumental in professional development by teachers for teachers.

Meetings are held five times a year in various locations through Southern Ontario.

The priorities for the 2016 - 2017 membership year are:

New and Continuing Initiatives

  1. Parenting education - continue to develop our partnership with the Ontario Coalition for Mandatory Parenting Education
  2. The OFS3HLC web site - how can our web site be used to best serve the needs of teachers across Ontario
  3. School to Work transition and at-risk students - how can family studies programs meet the needs of all students
  4. Assessment and evaluation in the Family Studies classroom
  5. The development of Canadian resources for Family Studies classrooms including those that help to teach literacy skills
  6. Teacher shortage - continue action with Universities by attending career nights to promote family studies teacher education
  7. Careers in Family Studies - continue with promotion of Family Studies as a viable career option for high school students
  8. Class size and safety in food and clothing labs - this continues to be an issue in many classrooms around the province
  9. The development of promotional materials for increase the number of students taking FS courses around the province